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I think we finally reached the finish line with this one

  • Tommy:
  • Cait: #horsemeat
  • Joe: horse meat is definitely trending
  • Jason: I'm not sure how different eating a cow is compared to eating horse.
  • Jason: Sorry for beating a dead horse.
  • Cait: oh no...
  • Tommy: You're really riding this one out
  • Cait: here it comes
  • Joe: we have to whip you back into shape
  • Jason: I'll rein it in
  • Tommy: What's wrong Cait? Why the long face?
  • Cait: you guys really need to stop horsing around
  • Jason: It's fine as long as we're having fun. That's the mane thing
  • Joe: Alright, saddle down everyone
  • Jason: We kind of started to stirrup some trouble, didn't we?
  • Tommy: It's definitely something that would disturb our neeeiiighbors
  • Jason: Figures you'd trot that one out, Tommy
  • Jason: We had a good run, everybody. I think we've acted foal enough. Give yourselves a paddock the back
  • Cait: that last one was horse shit
  • Jason: I'm not mare-ied to it
  • Jason: Let's get back on tack
  • Jason: Hay, I sure am glad this latest build is more… stable
  • Joe: i think it's time to put this pun out to stud
  • Jason: Tired of the dog and pony show, Joe?
  • Joe: the rate and quality has slowed to a gallop, is all
  • Jason: It happens when we're all jockeying for punsition like that
  • Jason: But, sometimes you just have to get down and derby
  • Joe: It would be-hoof you to end this soon
  • Joe: I think we've harnessed the full potential of the joke
  • Jason: Yeah. I'm whinny anyway.
  • Jason: Some of these puns were trough-ful
  • Joe: Ok ok ok, we've gotten off track enough for one day