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When Mitt Romney was governor of liberal Massachusetts, he supported abortion, gun control, tackling climate change and a requirement that everyone should buy health insurance, backed up with generous subsidies for those who could not afford it. Now, as he prepares to fly to Tampa to accept the Republican Party’s nomination for president on August 30th, he opposes all those things. A year ago he favoured keeping income taxes at their current levels; now he wants to slash them for everybody, with the rate falling from 35% to 28% for the richest Americans.

All politicians flip-flop from time to time; but Mr Romney could win an Olympic medal in it.

The presidency: So, Mitt, what do you really believe? | The Economist

The current GOP base is poisonous, forcing normally reasonable, rational people to have to pander to idiots just to try to get elected. It happened to McCain (whom I heavily admired before the 2008 election season) and it’s happening to Romney (whom I didn’t really care for, but at least he seemed to be smart and reasonable).

If the only way to get nominated as a GOP Presidential candidate is to sell out on everything you believe in and take positions you know to be completely wrong, then the party has a lot of soul searching to do.