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Jason's Dinosaur

  • Caitlin: Jason were you specifically away from your desk so you didnt have to say hi to me
  • Jason: What? haha no I wasn't I haven't moved. I'm playing with my dinosaur.
  • Caitlin: well, beer is... four feet from you if your dino wants some
  • Jason: Picture is coming, hold on. Okay, I'll ask.
  • Joe: Jason... I don't want to "see a picture of your dinosaur". We talked about this during your orientation
  • Jason: NO. YOU talked. I was busy. With my dinosaur.
  • Joe: gross
  • Joe: hrmph. smaller than I would've expected
  • Jason: No wait. Just wait. One second.
  • Joe: Jason it's ok. not everyone's dinosaur is that big
  • Caitlin: why does it have a lumpy head. you might want to get that checked out
  • Jason: Some have lumpy heads.
  • Joe: the color isn't too good either
  • Jason: He was eating Cheetos.
  • Jason: LOOK it's fine. He's fine. We're all fine.
  • Jason: Over here. Everything is fine.